Sunday, October 21, 2012

Qiang-Huang's New Braunfels Workshop

I took Qiang Huang's workshop in New Braunfels, Texas with my friend Kim. It was a great workshop, especially for me, as I am such an admirer of his work and his internet presence. We stayed with her lovely friend Jane (thank you Jane), and saved a huge amount on hotel costs. Yea!

My 3 paintings that I took home were quite a disappointment in that, I never got past the mixing color stage. I'm still having problems with it. I get to an adequate color match and adequate brushstrokes, but am not where I would like to be. The color mixing takes up most of my time. Regardless, I will start posting as an accountability tactic to keep me painting several times a week.

So, I've resurrected this blog and will post regularily. For now, I will focus on painting still-lifes and the occasional landscapes and portraits.

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