Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bandit at Lake Irwin

This is one of our favorite hikes, Scarpe Ridge. Bandit loves the hikes because he gets carried when he gets tired.

Paper: Stratford 400 140 lb. WC artist grade paints (Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton): Phthalocyanine blue (RS) for shadows and UMB for shadows. Viridian, carmine and cobalt for atmospheric colors. Quinacrodone gold, Cadmiun orange, quinacrodone burnt orange and quinacrodone burnt scarlet for warm colors. Phthalocyanine green (YS) for my greens and finally titanium, embarrassingly, to cover up my mistakes in the focal area.

The drawing took forever.. I obviously need to spend more drawing. Ha! I spent so much time erasing that I was certain the watercolor paper would be damaged. The painting went fast at times and slow at others. My attempts were to do mostly wet-in-wet with a decent drawing to create boundaries. Tomorrow is another day.

24hrs later: Brian really likes this but I am very unsatisfied. It took to long and I overworked many areas. It's most likely a matter of experience with the medium. I think I'll focus on individual aspects of this and try again later in the week.

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